Vespa World!

Vespa Club of Britain will run Vespa World Days in the London area. It will be an event which all that attend never forget. We will extend the Vespa Club of Britain brand to ensure the standard remains high.

The event is being organised primarily for members of national Vespa Clubs affiliated to the Vespa World Club. The aim is to give all members of national vespa clubs the opportunity to come together to enjoy riding their Vespas, talking about their Vespas and generally enjoying the Vespa and Piaggio brands.

The event will take place from Thursday 14th June 2012 to Sunday 17th June 2012.

The event will include;

  • A gala dinner for all entrants
  • Two ride outs
    • One into London
    • One out of London
  • Trade stands
  • Display of scooters / Piaggio museum
  • Display of Douglas vehicles
  • Parts fair
  • Custom show
  • Evening entertainment
  • Several optional tours at additional cost
  • Breakdown repair service where entrants only pay for parts


Entrants will receive

  • An entry ticket/card to control entry into various parts of the event
  • A welcome pack with the following items in
    • A program
    • Road map of the local area
    • Bus routes and timetable
    • Underground map
    • Train timetable
    • A t-shirt
    • A key ring
    • A promotional pen
    • Bottle of drink (probably water)
    • A metal commemorative ‘badge’

Reception will include a series of self service kiosks allowing entrants to automatically sign in and print the entry ticket by entering their unique reference number. The kiosks will also allow entrants to pay for additional optional components of the event and print the entry ticket allowing them to come into the event and keeping the payment secure.